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We provide end-to-end electric vehicle charging station installation services.
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Modern EV Charging Solutions

We combine experience and expertise to give you the right electric charging solution for you. Whether at your company, as a benefit for your employees and customers or at home, we make charging electric cars easy, fast and affordable.
Residential EV
Charging Solutions
As an electric vehicle owner, it is very important to have a charging station so you can  charge your vehicle while sharing time with your family. Our professionals will advise you to choose level 1 or level 2 depending on your necessities and budget.
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Commercial EV
Charging Solutions
With electric vehicle charging stations, you can not only improve your brand’s image and achieve your company's sustainability goals, but you can also attract the best employees and high-value customers. Our professionals will evaluate all relevant aspects of your commercial property to provide you with the perfect solution for your company.
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Fleet EV
Charging Solutions
Are you a government entity or an organization with a large number of electric vehicles? Do you have different regional locations and need charging stations in all of them? Don't worry, we have experience doing installations for fleets and leaving satisfied customers with every job done.
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Brands We Trust

We work exclusively with leading global brands and products which allow us to offer solutions for all needs and adapt to any budget range of our customers.
Chargepoint Logo
ChargePoint is the world's largest network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in North America and Europe.
Enel-X Logo
Enel X is a global company with strong roots in the energy industry and an open strategy at the crossroads of sustainability, digitalization, and innovation.
Siemens Logo
As a pioneer and innovator in electric mobility, Siemens has global expertise, a strong portfolio across the value chain and is an active participant in promoting the standardization of electric vehicle charging solutions worldwide.

Top Products

For more than five years we have been installing the most innovative, reliable and technically advanced charging stations on the market. We have a wide range of products to cover any requirement for commercial or home charging stations.
Chargepoint EV CT4021
ChargePoint CT4000 All-Purpose Level 2 Charging Stations
The CT4000 is the ideal fit for property owners, businessesand municipalities interested in an EV charging solution for employees, customers, and residents. It provides a complete set of capabilities stationowners need to manage every aspect of the EV driving experience.
JuiceBox Charging Stations
Charge electric vehicles quickly and conveniently with JuiceBox smart charging stations. EV charging equipment is a wise investment for businesses of all types because the amenity can help attract more customers or employee talent as a perk, and increase the time spent at your property.
Siemens Versicharge EV
Siemens VersiCharge
Siemens offers the next generation of the VersiCharge AC series with a new and improved design, enhanced features, faster charging, and increased reliability and safety for an affordable price. VersiCharge AC chargers are sure to charge up your day.

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What Charger is Right for you?

There are different options to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the right type of charging station for electric vehicles. Knowing the different technical specifications can help you make the right decision according to your needs.
Level 1 Charger
Level 1 AC Charging
Also known as a "120-volt" charger, this is the charging cord that comes with every electric car and has a conventional three-prong plug that can beused in any properly grounded wall socket. While Level 1 can work overnight for some plug-in hybrids with limited electric range and a gas engine, it’s typically too slow to effectively replenish long-range EVs or fleet vehicles.
CT4021 EV Charging Station
Level 2 AC Charging
Also known as the "240-volt" charger, these EV chargers operate at least twice as fast as Level 1 chargers. Level 2 charging solutions are an ideal choice for locations where people will stay parked for a few hours, like single-family homes, apartments, condos and office buildings. They’re relatively affordable to deploy, easy to manage and appealing to customers, making them a good fit for many types of businesses and fleets.
Chargepoint DC Charging Station
DC Fast Charging
These use direct currents (DC) rather than alternating current (AC), and they're very high powered. Direct current (DC) charging for electric vehicles allows for higher charging speeds, since DC can be supplied directly to the electric vehicle’s battery at power levels normally higher than AC charging. These are ideal for Heavy-duty fleets, high-traffic areas along major roads, quick-stop retail.
A Quick Comparison of Charging Speeds
Level 2 AC Charging
DC Fast Charging
Primary Use Case
Home, work, fleets, businesses where customers stay more than an hour
Heavy-duty fleets, high-traffic areas along major roads, quick-stop retail
Electric and Power Specifications
208 – 240 Volt, 40 Amp circuit, 6.2 – 7.6 kW
400V AC, 3-phase, 96A, 50 Hz (EU)
480V AC, 3-phase, 80A, 60 Hz (NA)
Time to Charge
4 – 10 hours depending on battery size
15-45 minutes to charge from 0 to 80% depending on station and vehicle
Drivers Served per Station per Day
3 – 4 or more
5 – 6 or more

Since 2016, we have been installing fast, affordable and safe electric vehicle charging solutions nationwide.

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Why Work with us

Selecting the right installer for your new charging station is not a simple or easy decision. You want to make sure you make the right choice to protect your investment. That is why from the beginning, ElectricianPro has made it our mission to provide the best installation in the shortest time possible and in a budget you can afford.
Get a professional installation
Our technicians are licensed and have been trained and certified for EV charging station brands.
Fully insured and bonded
When you hire us you do so with the confidence of knowing that all your assets are protected and backed up. Contract with us for a worry and risk free installation.
Safety and Realiability
Our experts will be able to ensure that your charging station is installed correctly in the right place with all of the appropriate adjustments to guarantee full reliability.
Warranty & After-Sales Support
We offer satisfaction guarantee, and other post installation services such as: maintenance, broken part replacement, and troubleshooting. 
We do it all
 When you hire us you are really acquiring a complete service, We provide end-to-end electric vehicle charging station installation services.
Top manufactures
We only install brands and models that have been recognized for their high quality standards and for offering the most innovative products on the market.

How we Work

We use a 3-step process to design and deploy the perfect EV charging solution for your unique requirements.
1. Survey
We determine all the electrical installation needed to feed the equipment based on the final location. As a result, we turn in a final project and quote.
2. Deploy
The installation could vary considerably on every project. However, in general, we make sure that the electrical (Power) is set up properly to feed the equipment, the base is  completely ready for the final EVSE installation, and the internal wire up is safe for use and functionality.
3. Activate
Once all the installation process is ready, our smart and well trained employees will give your EV charging station life. The EV charging station will be set up and connected to the server and will be ready to go!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Excellent response time and service! The online website scheduling was very helpful and worked great. Installation of fixtures inside and outside, as well as plugs and the like went off without a hitch. Gonzalo goes the extra mile and is a very nice guy to-boot! Have him do your project, you won’t be disappointed!
Timothy Maughan
Dallas, TX
After spending money on other "professionals" I was very happy and pleased to find ElectricianPro. This company was a lifesaver for us due to the fact that other companies were not able to help us with our problem. We have bought Italian switches that were no joke to install. ElectricianPro had no problems whatsoever delivering an excellent and quality job! Please don't hesitate to contact them for all your electrician needs!
Hilda Duran
Dallas, Tx
100% recommended, respond quickly and made a good job.
Carolina Perdomo.
Dallas, TX
I had great experience and very professional team, strongly recommend this company.
Carolina Sanchez.
Dallas, TX

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